Durga Puja

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Durga Puja


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11 priests


Experience the profound inclusivity of Durga Puja over 2 transformative days. With a choice of 7 or 11 revered priests as per your preference. On day 1 Durga Path is done by the priests on your behalf by your name for 6 – 7 hours straight. Immerse yourself in that powerful aura. On day 2 Live Abhishekam and Homa is being performed that amplify the atmosphere of devotion. Engage in the sacred act of offering flowers, incense, fruits, and sweets, while a dedicated Durga Path addresses your specific concerns. This extraordinary journey into spiritual connection tailored according to your needs invites you to partake in the richness of traditions and blessings. The price of this Puja with Seven priests is $1100 and $1500 with Eleven priests.
Benefits of Durga Puja
• Protection from negativity and evil forces.
• Strengthening of inner power and courage.
• Removal of obstacles and difficulties.
• Promotion of positive energy and well-being.
• Enhancing spiritual growth and devotion.
• Fostering a sense of fearlessness and confidence.
• Celebrating the divine feminine energy and empowerment.


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