Ganesh Puja $900

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Ganesh Puja $900


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Experience the divine blessings of Ganesh Puja with our comprehensive ritual package. Our team of 7 or 11 Experienced Priests according to your personal preference will guide and lead you through a sacred journey, performing the revered Ganesh Atharva Shirsha Path (108 times) on your behalf. Engage in live prayers, witness the mesmerizing Abhishekam ceremony, and have your personal Ganesh Mantra chanted throughout the ritual. Immerse yourself in the tradition when the priests offer flowers, incense, fruits, and sweets to the deity from the comfort of your own space.

Address your specific concerns with the powerful Vishesh Argya chant, specially tailored to your needs. Witness the captivating Homa and Aarti ceremonies that fill the atmosphere with spiritual energy no matter where you are witnessing it from. As we believe in giving back, the ritual includes Food Distribution to the underprivileged.

Embrace this spiritual odyssey, spanning 5-6 hours. The charges for this Puja performed by Seven priests is $900 and for Eleven priests is $1100 which includes the Priest Charges, all the Puja Samagri, Fruits, Sweets and offerings to the diety. May you invite the divine blessings of Lord Ganesh into your life.

Benefits of Ganesh Puja
• Prosperity
• Good fortune
• Wisdom
• Destroy all your obstacles
• You will become patient
• You will become knowledgeable
• Your soul will be purified
• You will have a peaceful life.


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