Navgrah Puja

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Navgrah Puja


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Performing Navgrah Puja is a ritual devoted to the nine celestial bodies or planets in Vedic astrology. Experience two spiritually enriching days with our Priests, either a group of 7 or 11 priests . As they lead you through a soul-soothing journey of Live Prayer and Abhishekam ceremonies. Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance as the calming chants of Mantras, including those specifically recited by your name, resonate through the air. Join in the tradition of offering fragrant flowers, aromatic incense, succulent fruits, and delectable sweets, symbolizing devotion and gratitude.

Delve deeper into the cosmic realm with a Puja tailored to pacify malefic planetary influences, as determined by your Horoscope. Witness the captivating Homa and Aarti rituals, igniting an aura of divine energy. This profound experience spans across two transformative days, leaving you spiritually invigorated and centered. After which all the offerings are being donated to the

Invest in your spiritual well-being and embrace the harmonious blend of ancient practices and modern devotion on this two-day journey led by our revered Priests.The price of this Puja with Seven priests is $1100 and $1500 with Eleven priests which includes all the priests charges, location charges, all the Puja Samagri, fruits, sweets and offerings to the diety.

Benefits of Navgrah Puja
• Balancing Energies
• Overcoming Challenges
• Enhancing Positive Traits
• Health and Well-being
• Career and Success
• Relationships
• Financial Prosperity
• Personal & Spiritual Growth
• Protection
• Overall Well-being


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