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Unlocking the Science Behind Happy Spaces

Vastu Shastra is an ancient study and the most prominent system of architecture in India. It refers to “The science of architecture.” For the well-being, happiness, and prosperity of spaces, this study has proven itself to be the most effective time and time again. It helps to clear the aura, bringing life and positivity to the space and increasing its vibrational frequency.

At Divyaupasana, your online Vastu consultant site, we help you unlock the science behind harmonious spaces with our expert guidance in this architectural system. Every layout, blueprint, and orientation of a building, a space, or a room plays a pivotal role in aligning the energies of that space together. The main goal is to increase the positive flow and reduce the negative influences. Attention to small details while planning out can make a huge difference. We help you create positive spaces by suggesting ideas that support your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. For example, the main gate of a home should be more significant than the other doors at home, ensuring proper sunlight in all the rooms, avoiding construction of washrooms in front of the kitchen or altar, painting the rooms with light colours to enhance the mood and vibe of it, keeping the main entrance towards east direction, avoid sleeping with your feet pointed towards south direction, etc. These are some of the tips that help good energy flow.

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You can get the maximum benefit of your space by consulting Dev, our Vastu expert online can tailor suggestions for your dream plan. We help you by giving the best Vastu advice, which includes the placement of wealth corners, adding small pieces of home interiors that add value, placing water and fire elements in a specific region, and more. You can aim to improve the customer flow, productivity of your desired space, financial growth in your business, and overall content life by consulting the best Vastu consultant online.

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